My flare up


I wanted to write a post about the frustration of my flare up but I just feel too empty and sad. So I will reblog this quite perfect description.


Image: The Huffington Post Image: The Huffington Post

My flare up started today. It came out of nowhere, hitting me like a ten tonne truck.

I woke up with incredible pains in my neck and shoulder, so bad that even lying in bed hurt. I got up, I went for brunch with friends and it was was wonderful but the pain started to travel down my back. I came home and sat in my comfy chair with a hot water bottle, my hands starting to tingle. My back got slowly worse and now it’s 9pm and I know what this is. This is a flare up.

Flare up pain is different to normal pain. I can’t describe it. I’m so sore I want to cry but I can’t find the tears. I don’t feel sad enough, I don’t feel anything. I am numb and sore, both at the same time. My body feels fragile and…

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